Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
June 29, 2001 - 9:08 AM

  • 'Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates' has now shipped to stores, with an approximate retail price of $29.95. It can currently be ordered from Thanks to Gul Darheel for this!

  • GameSpyDaily have posted fourteen screenshots from 'Orion Pirates.'

  • Simon & Schuster have released version 1.03 of the patch for its latest gaming release, 'Dominion Wars.' Copies can be downloaded from Blue's News here if you're upgrading from patch 1.01 and here if you're upgrading from 1.02.

  • A review of 'Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force' has been posted at Gracelessland. "There is nothing new in 'Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force'," wrote reviewer tAE. "Itís some good technology supporting some very lame content. Maybe Raven was testing-out the SoF2 stuff here, and making a buck in the process. Canít fault them for that, and they did deliver a good, standard, generic shooter. Itís like a Big Mac Ė you know what youíre getting, and you wonít be surprised." The full review can be found here.

    Thanks to Blue's News for most of these!