Trek People Speak At Conventions

By Christian
May 29, 2000 - 4:06 PM

This weekend, two Holodiction conventions were organised in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Present at the convention were Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), Max Grodénchik (Rom), and Voyager's Script Coordinator Lolita Fatjo. Fatjo revealed that shooting for Voyager's seventh season will start on the 22nd of June, and the show will be accepting spec scripts until October.

Meanwhile, Michael Hinman at SyFy World has put up a report of the Vulkon 2000 convention, which took place this weekend. Two Trek stars in attendance were Alice Krige, the original Borg Queen, and George Takei (Hikaru Sulu). At the con, Krige was asked about her opinion of Susanna Thompson, the 'Voyager' queen:

I was actually asked to do that role on Voyager, Krige said. But I wasn't able to do it. I haven't had a chance to see how they did it on Voyager, but I am sure she did a great job.

On SyFy World's Voyager news page, you'll find some of her recollections of 'Star Trek: First Contact'.

Also available at the site is a report of the appearance by Takei, who of course mostly talked about the 'Excelsior' series idea again. Takei praised the campaign for that series and its leaders, and also again said he'd like to see Pavel Koenig return as Chekov, should such a series ever happen.

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