News Bullets

By Amy
March 29, 2001 - 10:20 PM

  • Over at The Trekker Newsletter, Jacqueline Bundy has posted her review of 'Inside Man'. More positive than many a reviewer, she gave it a seven out of ten.

  • Julia Houston,'s Star Trek Guide, has posted the latest in her feature article series. This week she looks at the body beautiful in Star Trek.

  • Creation has posted the full schedule for tomorrow's 35th Anniversary Grand Slam convention.

  • Totally Kate, a website dedicated to Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) has posted four screencaps believed to be from an unaired version of 'Caretaker'. The photos are from scenes later re-shot with a different hairstyle for Captain Janeway.

  • Section31 has posted the latest in their 'Generations Cut Scenes' footage of the day feature. Today's clips are 'Gencuts-11: Taking Cover' and 'Gencuts-12: Hanging On'.

  • TV Guide has posted a new synopsis of Q2 (via Voyager's Delights).

    Unable to deal with his rambunctious son, Q (John de Lancie) leaves him aboard Voyager, hoping the boy will learn discipline, but Janeway's not so sure.

  • StarTrekUK has 30 short clips of Tim Russ (Tuvok) in 'Tuvok's Tutorial'.

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