Jay Chattaway To Score Voyager Finale

By Christian
March 29, 2001 - 5:41 PM

Though it is not yet known whether any of the story themes from the original Voyager pilot will be revisited in the series finale, at least the musical themes should be familiar, as 'Caretaker' composer has reportedly been assigned the task of composing the music for the two-hour Voyager series finale.

According to sources, Chattaway will provide the scores for two more episodes this season. The first will be for 'Author, Author, while in a few weeks he will begin composing the music for the Voyager finale, which started shooting last week.

Chattaway is a long-time Star Trek composer, having joined the franchise with the third-season TNG episode 'Tin Man'. For that series, he also created Picard's flute theme in 'The Inner Light', an episode that later won the Hugo award. He was nominated four times for the Emmy Award, including once for his 'Caretaker' score and has won the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers TV award for the past three consecutive years.

The Voyager series finale is scheduled to air on Wednesday the 23rd of May.

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