Five New Trek Interviews

By Christian
March 29, 2000 - 11:46 PM

Qie at Voyager's Delights sends along word she's put up transcripts of four recent interviews with Trek people, all of which appeared in the April 2000 of Cinefantastique magazine. Here is a quote from what is probably the most interesting of the four interviews, talking to most of Voyager's writers:

Episodes came in short all of season five. This added to the sense of frenzy and confusion. Menosky explained, "Brannon changed the actual pacing of the show. Driven by Brannon's desire for a much higher action component, which means less dialogue in scenes, much shorter scenes, and many more scenes, our scripts have gotten much, much longer. On THE NEXT GENERATION, our average script length was 55 pages, and that shoots at 43, 45 minutes of film. By mid fifth season VOYAGER, the average script was something like 72 to 75 pages. With seven or eight days of shooting, we have ended up almost always short, by two minutes, three minutes, sometimes as much as nine minutes. I know that Brannon is not doing this on purpose, but it has this effect of turning seven day shows into eight day shows, and eight day shows into nine day shows. Because we are short, a couple of weeks later we will end up going back and shooting another day, or another half day. Production has had to rise to the challenge of this new direction, and try to find a way to shoot this extra material, and to work more quickly to do this without ever getting in situations where you have a complete production and scheduling break down. We've been close [fifth] season, but we've never actually come to that point."

The full writer interview, which contains many more interesting revelations such as the one above, can be found here,. In addition, Voyager's Delights has also put up transcripts of interviews with Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) and Garrett Wang (Harry Kim).

Besides these four, Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse's Mania Magazine has put up an interview with René Auberjonois, who starred on Deep Space Nine as Odo. Auberjonois begins the interview by talking about 'Gepetto', the new Disney made-for-TV musical he stars in, and how he actually got that role:

"It was a wonderful, wonderful seven years on Deep Space Nine, but I was ready to do something different," says Auberjonois. The stage-trained actor first learned about Geppetto - a new version of the Pinocchio story - from Trek makeup artist Michael Westmore, who had been hired to do prosthetics. "In fact, he used a miniature version of Odo's ears for Pinocchio. Then I was called and asked to do the show. Tom Moore, who directed it, is an old friend, and I've worked with him many times in the theater and radio projects."

You can find the full Mania interview by following this link. Thanks go out to Elaine Butler for this!

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