Gaming Bullets

By Christian
March 29, 2000 - 11:08 PM

  • The Daily Radar has posted a short news item in which Verant Interactive's VP Brad McQuaid explains why the company will not be developing Activision's upcoming Trek massively multiplayer game. According to McQuaid, they are not doing the Trek game because of the 'perceived conflict of interest' that would exist for them, as they're also developing the Star Wars online game.

  • Ryan Thompson at Gaming Age has put up a review of 'Star Trek: Armada', awarding it a B and heartily suggesting it to Star Trek fans, though he also recommends waiting until after the first patch is out before buying the game.

  • At the official Interplay site, 'Klingon Academy' developer Brent Kollmansberger made a development update about the new boarding party system they finished, allowing you to take over enemy vessels.

  • As part of their Star Trek Week, GameSpot have put up an interview with 'Klingon Academy' producer Raphael Hernandez, talking about the reasons for the game's long development time and how it uses the Klingon culture.

  • GameSpot's Brian Mullin has put up a very well-written article about the history of Star Trek games, beginning with the early mainframe games, and ending with Viacom's 'DS9: Harbinger' game.

  • Also available at Gamespot is a Q&A with Dan Kingdom, the lead designer for Interplay's upcoming 'New Worlds' real-time strategy game, talking about the game's development so far and bringing a few new details about it.

  • Also related to 'New Worlds', incite has posted a set of new screenshots of the game.

  • AntonyF at Fandom's Star Trek Central sends along word 'Star Trek: Armada' will be released in the United Kingdom on Friday.

  • And finally, the Starfleet Universe is reporting that Interplay's 'Starfleet Command: The Neutral Zone', containing only the single-player campaigns of the Federation and Klingon races, is now shipping for a price of $14.99.

  • Thanks go out to Blue's News, Evil Avatar and Federation HQ for most of these items!

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