John Ordover Challenges Excelsior Campaign

By Christian
March 29, 2000 - 10:45 PM

Over at Simon & Schuster's Star Trek Books Board, another discussion started yesterday about more Captain Sulu novels, after a reader posted a message to the board about the increased interest in Series V being a Captain Sulu series. In response to that, Pocket Books Trek editor John Ordover posted that only a "very small number of very loud fans want Sulu." Then, after another reader argued this was not true, and that there was growing fan support for a Captain Sulu series and therefore also for Captain Sulu novels, Ordover posted the following message:

I'll cut a deal with you: You get 1,000 people to write me an individual letter requesting a Captain Sulu novel - a streetmail letter and no petitions or form letters count - and I'll do a Captain Sulu novel. Address it to Captain Sulu c/o John Ordover at the Pocket Address - and I'll do one.:)

John Ordover's original post can be found here. The people at the Excelsior Campaign then sent out the actual address to which you need to address your letters:

Captain Sulu
c/o John Ordover
Executive Editor Star Trek Fiction Pocket Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York New York 10020-1586

In 1995, Pocket Books already published a Captain Sulu novel, namely Peter David's 'The Captain's Daughter', but as the book had fairly disappointing sales Pocket decided this would be the last Captain Sulu book. Several fans have speculated that the reason for this could be that back then the market simply wasn't used to such non-standard books, while now books such as New Frontier, 'The Lives of Dax' and 'Enterprise Logs' have made this more accepted, but Pocket has since then always refused to publish another Captain Sulu novel.

If you want to see another Captain Sulu novel published, be sure to send in a letter to the above address - remember that only individual letters count, and not petitions of form letters. It'll be interesting to see if the Excelsior Campaign will actually be able to achieve something like this.

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