Rumours of Sweeping Changes for Trek

By Michelle
January 29, 2004 - 9:52 PM

A rumour has surfaced that Paramount may plan far more sweeping changes than the time slot for Star Trek: Enterprise.

An anonymous source has told Cinescape that Garry Hart, president of Paramount Television, may be considering replacing the Enterprise production staff, possibly including longtime Star Trek executive producer Rick Berman.

"It would seem the lackluster support of Enterprise by [UPN executives] Les Moonves and Dawn Ostroff at this weekend's UPN press junket has gotten the attention of Garry Hart," wrote Cinescape's Patrick Sauriol. "From an Paramount Television's Marketing and Media Relations Department, a memo has been spotted suggesting Hart may be waiting until after Enterprise's February sweeps performance to announce the possible replacement of some of the show's production staff."

The same anonymous source, notes Cinescape, correctly leaked information about the show's planned change in time slot. However, stated Sauriol, "these are rumors right now and not known facts, and until our scooper chooses to show us hard proof of their claims or we discover another means to confirm what they are telling us, an open mind should be kept."

Please treat these allegations as unconfirmed rumour. As of yet this information has only been reported by a single source, and it is questionable whether specific information such as this would appear in this manner in an internal production memo. The original item is here at Cinescape.

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