Jeffrey Combs Talks Ferengi Confusion

By Lisa
January 29, 2002 - 9:54 PM

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If many fans were surprised to find out that the Ferengi were to make an appearance in Enterprise, Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Shran) was even more surprised to be asked to play one.

"My first reaction to being offered the role was, frankly, confusion. What were the Ferengi doing back there in that time? Were they asking me to do a Brunt type character or what?" he told Antony F at TrekWeb.

"Well, all questions were answered and it turned out just great. The work was a challenge in that my character was world's away from Brunt (which was exactly what I had hoped for). It's a lovely script and I think the episode is going to be quite entertaining and surprisingly touching."

Combs will don the Ferengi lobes again for 'Acquisition', an episode that will mark the first appearance of the Ferengi in the Trek-timeline (story).

Combs got to work with Ethan Phillips (Neelix) in the episode, who played a fellow Ferengi. The actor also revealed that 'Acquisition' will feature Clint Howard, who appeared as Balock in the Original Series episode 'The Corbormite Maneuver,' and appeared as Grady in Deep Space Nine's 'Past Tense, Part Two.'

Before 'Acquisition' hits TV screens, Combs will be seen on Enterprise as Shran the Andorian in next week's 'Shadows of P'Jem'. "I was thrilled to be asked to return as Shran, the Andorian," Combs said. "I was especially pleased that it was so soon after the first episode. I look forward to seeing the show. It's a cool one."

More from Jeffrey Combs, including his thoughts on working with Ethan Phillips and on taking up the Ferengi opportunity, can be found in the full interview at TrekWeb.

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