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Alexander Siddig To Join 'L'Espion' And 'Boundary'

By T'Bonz
November 28, 2007 - 7:11 PM

Alexander Siddig is working on several film projects and also keeps busy at home.

As reported at SidCity.Net, Alexander Siddig is working on L'Espion, a French spy thriller and will also have the lead role in Boundary, a short NYU graduate film that begins shooting next month.

"I like working for the French," said Siddig in reference to L'Espion, "and I love France so I jumped at the opportunity. French directors are totally obsessed with nuance and detail and the micro environment in their films and this, for an actor who has grown up in Los Angeles, is refreshing and challenging. It stars lots of interesting people."

When not filming, Siddig keeps busy at home. "I have spent an enormous amount of time gardening this summer. I know the names of about three things and I'm always confusing hornbeam with beech or basically any deciduous hedge tree," he explained. "I link up with Sarah, our lodger who lives in the pig-stye and wander around the garden and start working out what to do with everything. Most of our work is clearing overgrown stuff and cutting new beds and destroying nettles (and the children of nettles and any nettle even remotely related to the nettles). It's quite hard work, made even harder by the fact that Sarah's dog, Pepper, despises me with such a passion that I must be on guard at all times and be ready to fend off any swiftly executed maneuver she may attempt."

Siddig recently celebrated a birthday and described his day, while thanking his fans for their cards and gifts. "I had a terrific, lazy day," he said. "I make a cup of tea, light a cigarette and start going through my emails and bills. I listen to the radio and find out what's been happening in the world and I have the whole place to myself for a bit before people start arriving to deliver newspapers and prune shrubs or just say hello (which they do alarmingly early around here)." On opening the presents and cards which he had received, Siddig said, "The day continued with a short present opening session. I have an ambivalent attitude towards presents. I'm nearly always embarrassed if I receive a gift from someone I don't know very well. I'm sent into a spiral of confusion, not knowing how to proceed with that person, are we now friends? Do I suddenly have obligations? Happily there was only one of these gifts this year and I only have to remember to thank one unfamiliar person for one item. Misanthrope? Me?"

Living with another adult can be challenging, according to Siddig. "Washing up is a contentious chore in my house. I live with my step-father, Michael, who is, I think somewhere between sixty and a hundred years old. He will spend ten minutes looking for a rusty old decommissioned pan to boil an egg, when he could have completed the washing-up in 5 minutes. This, to me, is bordering on pheasant-like behaviour. And the longer we live on the same land, the more often I say so. with Michael is odd and I feel we all naturally slip into roles; and ever since my mother died, the only vacant post has been for that of wife. So I nag and bicker and grumble about the washing up saying, "I'll do it" with a smile that might have been glued onto my face for all it's sincerity."

For more of his thoughts, head over to the letter located here.

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