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Novelist Shwartz Is An 'Enterprise' Fan

By Michelle
November 28, 2004 - 4:02 PM

Star Trek novelist Susan Shwartz, who co-wrote a trilogy of Spock novels and is currently penning the Vulcan's Soul trilogy with Josepha Sherman, said that she is enjoying this season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

In posts at the Trek BBS in a thread about an interview with Shwartz, the author chimed in to discuss current Enterprise episodes, noting, "I love the nice Vulcan continuity that's being developed...don't you just love it when canon and novels sort of agree in one lovely consensus reality? There's a lot of little differences, but anyone with the least sense of [retroactive continuity] could unify every strand of ancient Vulcan history we've all produced."

It made sense to her that T'Pau, who was still dubious about Vulcan ceremonies being witnessed by offworlders in Theodore Sturgeon's "Amok Time", would act as she did towards the human Archer. Vulcan xenophobia - which Shwartz said she saw developed in fan fiction before she started writing Star Trek novels herself - seemed entirely appropriate in that regard.

"Ted Sturgeon would be proud," she stated, adding that she knew the author. "Never did believe that a species that almost blew up its planet AND generated the Romulans would transform itself into beneficent, vegetarian pacifists in a matter of 2000 years, no matter how they spin it, later, for the Federation."

A fan of the Andorian episodes, Shwartz worried that given the negativity directed at Enterprise, it might be "too late to rescue the show for a full seven years. Oh well, TOS only had 3, and look what it spawned. Maybe, they'll make like Babylon 5 and give poor Enterprise a fifth season...and then we can go from there."

The original thread is at the Trek BBS.

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