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Montgomery Wants Travis To Be More Seasoned

By Michelle
November 28, 2003 - 10:39 PM

"I'm just as excited as I was the day I was hired to play Travis," Anthony Montgomery enthused as he spoke about his character's development during the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Speaking to Dreamwatch magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse), Montgomery praised the camaraderie of the characters and expressed hope that the relationships would be deepened over the course of the season.

"I wouldn't mind finding out how my character really feels about Sub Commander T'Pol," he said, wondering whether Travis is ever offended by her Vulcan stoicism. "I've always played it that Travis had met aliens before and she just happens to be a lot stuffier than most of those that he has previously dealt with...I wanted to put a new spin on things."

Montgomery referred to this season's storylines as "topical" and said that he was "thrilled with the fact that we're now on an actual mission and one that goes beyond just exploration."

"Giving them this mission will create an even more solid foundation on which future stories can be told," he said, expressing hope that Mayweather would become "more of a seasoned veteran that he already is" and play a larger role in the stories.

"I enjoyed his exuberance and youthful vigour in the first two seasons. This year, though, I'm trying to make him more grounded and in control and not appear as frantic in different instances...Travis is an adult who pilots the fastest ship in Starfleet and I want to see that portrayed."

The full interview is in Dreamwatch on newsstands in Great Britain. You can read excerpts at Sci Fi Pulse.

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