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Trek 'Weakest Link' Raises Record Amount

By Caillan
November 28, 2001 - 10:32 AM

Trek stars proved they can match wits with the galaxy's best and brightest when they raised a record amount for charity on Monday night's special edition of The Weakest Link.

The team racked up $167,500, with LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) the eventual winner, according to SyFy Portal. Burton and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) competed head to head in the final after eliminating their Trek co-stars.

John de Lancie (Q) proved that omnipotence isn't everything when he was the first contestant voted off; the galaxy's biggest womaniser William Shatner (James T. Kirk) left not long after cracking on to the show's host, Anne Robinson.

There was some controversy about Roxann Dawson's (B'Elanna Torres) reaction to Wil Wheaton's (Wesley Crusher) statement that he was "a little in love with her" (story). However, it all proved to be a storm in a teacup.

"We all had a great time shooting Weakest Link," Dawson wrote at her official web site's message board. "Wil and I especially had fun sparring. It was all in jest. My comments at the end of the show were in keeping with the spirit of our fun sparring. I wish I could even take credit for the idea.

"It was recommended that I say that by the producers. I thought it was funny. It's a shame they cut away from my comment before I started laughing. The aim of the show is to create conflict - and I guess they did. I didn't take offence to Bill Shatner saying he could take me in a fight. What does he think I am, a weak woman?!! LOL. Come on everybody 'lighten up.' We were all having fun. Wil is great and I loved doing the show with him."

Wheaton himself made it to the final three, and after being voted off commented on his performance. The actor said he was trying to portray a "parody of a young actor to get a rise out of Anne. Hopefully I won't look too much like a jerk."

The full report on the night's events can be found here at SyFy Portal. Dawson's comments are available to read at the actress's official message board.

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