New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column

By Amy
November 28, 2000 - 2:27 PM

The latest edition of Michelle Erica Green's 'Hailing Frequencies' column is up over at This week, with the usual news and spoiler round up, she takes a look at what's up with various Trek people the ratings situation, last week's episode 'Nightingale', the supposed 'Shattered' script and various other things.

A teleplay has turned up online on a Geocities fan fiction site purporting to be the shooting script for "Shattered." It's more plausible-sounding than the "story summary" posted on Geocities last week, which turned out to be admitted fan fiction, but there's still cause for suspicion about some of the new script's scenes. The structure looks sound, and the characters are bang-on...which, sadly enough, makes me suspicious rather than believing it's the real thing, because the show generally hasn't gotten the characters right in flashbacks.

My favorite moment is also the least plausible. Pre-first-season Janeway obliquely asks Chakotay whether they will be lovers in the years to come, to which he says there are some barriers they'll never cross, at which she takes his hand and promises she'll see him in the future. This is just the sort of thing I'd expect to find in "Shattered" fanfic, but probably not in an actual Voyager episode. Everything we've heard about returning dead crewmembers, macroviruses, Seven as a Borg, Naomi as a grownup, Seska as a Cardassian, etc. is in there, so if it isn't real, someone should be commended for creating a fake I wish they'd filmed. And if it is real, I'd love to know how it ended up on a site full of fan stories about Janeway being sexually victimized.

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