Shatner-Takei Grudge Match Take Whatever

By T'Bonz
October 28, 2008 - 1:32 AM

William Shatner's latest YouTube video is up and he couldn't resist a small shot at George Takei.

As reported by The Shatner Project, Shatner's new YouTube video, answering several fan email questions has appeared and a sly dig at Takei was part of the short video.

When asked if he preferred to be addressed as "Bill" or "Mr. Shatner," Shatner said, "I don't care. I wish George would call me Mr. Shatner." Shatner went on to explain that even though he didn't care, he preferred to be more formal. "There's a familiarity about 'Bill' that I think is presumption and I wouldn't call somebody walking and say 'Hey Teddy' or 'Hey Ted.' The vernacular, the custom is to say 'mister,' [if] somebody's older, some respect there. The 'mister" denotes a respect, but I don't care about that. You earn your respect, not by name."

Not everyone is enamored of the latest feud between the two. A faux "Leonard Nimoy" has expressed his feelings about the spat in a satirical blog as reported by Newsgroper. According to the blog, "So you guys are mad at each other again. Big news. My inbox is full of septuagenarian whining."

Faux-Nimoy-blogger explained that when he didn't get along with someone, he did something utterly logical. He ignored him! "You know what I don't do thirty years later," asked blogger-Nimoy? "Talk to him!" Faux-Nimoy then gave the benefit of his faux-Vulcan advice. "You guys obviously rub each other the wrong way. Here's my advice. Don't go to couples therapy. Don't go to each other's roasts. Don't snipe at each other in the media. Here's what you do: Leave each other alone!

To read the mock blog, head to the link located here. To see Shatner's vblog, head to the link located here.

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