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Spiner On Modern-Day Allegories In 'Borderland'

By Chris Wales
October 28, 2004 - 10:47 PM

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A recent web article has discussion with two of the guest stars who will make their Enterprise debut tonight - Next Generation star Brent Spiner (Data) and Junkyard Mega Wars alumnus Bobbi Sue Luther. The show will also mark the beginning of a new chapter in the 'Eugenics Wars', the basis for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

In her article, Zap2It writer Kate O'Hare mentioned that "Borderland" will define the Eugenics Wars as having taken place only a few decades before Enterprise, going against what was established in the original series episode "Space Seed". Since originally reporting on this story, we have been informed that this is in fact incorrect, and "Borderland" never implies that the Eugenics Wars took place a couple of decades before Enterprise. We apologise for the mix-up.

The plot will however feature "the Augments", a group of superhumans grown from genetically-enhanced embryos by Dr. Arik Soong (Spiner). Led by their leader Malik (Alec Newman), they will be aiming to bust Soong out of a Starfleet prison at all costs – including a war with the Klingon empire. Recently released footage showed two of them effectively commandeering a Klingon vessel and overpowering its crew (story)

Spiner eagerly discussed his thoughts on the storyline and its parallels in the modern day. "There is a subtle kind of reference to things like genetic engineering and stem-cell research in the argument that's created of, 'Who's right here? Was I right or was Starfleet right?'," he said. "That's why I don't particularly see [Dr. Arik Soong] as a villain as much as a committed revolutionary. So there is a debate at the heart of this entire piece, as there usually is in the best of 'Star Trek.' And also, as in the best of 'Star Trek,' there's no answer. There's just the question that's worth thinking about."

The veteran Trek actor also discussed how Star Trek was seen as a "dependable cash cow" by Paramount and also as "the idiot-savant child, whom they have no respect for except on a financial basis." Despite this, he seemed to wish nothing but the best for the current show. "I hope these guest shots that are happening on 'Enterprise' make some kind of a difference," he said. "Really, this is going to be their best year. They're coming into their own."

For more of the article, which includes comments from Luther on the make-up routine for an Orion slave girl, head over to Zap2It. "Borderland" will air at 8pm tonight on UPN.

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