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Combs Wants To Found Federation

By Michelle
October 28, 2004 - 3:55 PM

Jeffrey Combs, who has played multiple aliens in several different incarnations of Star Trek, hopes to keep returning to Star Trek: Enterprise and perhaps visit the Andorian homeworld as Shran.

"I love Shran and I love the complex dynamic between Archer and Shran," Combs told TrekWeb. "There is a guarded trust, a mutual respect. But the Andorians are always weary of being too comfortable with an ally because of the many disappointments that they've had in their history dealing with those supposedly logical Vulcan's who've stabbed them in the back many times. All of that adds up to the basics for good drama."

Combs, who played both the Vorta Weyoun and the Ferengi Brunt as recurring characters on Deep Space Nine, said that he particularly enjoys working with Scott Bakula on Enterprise. "He's terrific in front of the camera and behind it; he's a great person," he said, adding his hope that fan enthusiasm for Shran would allow him to do more on the series.

An original Star Trek fan, Combs voices The Question on Justice League and has made several films over the past few years (most recently All Souls Day) in addition to his appearances as Shran. There will soon be eight guest spots as the Andorian in all, including two episodes that have not yet been filmed, likely including the upcoming "Babel One."

"They're learning as they go, so in that sense it is very much in the style of the original," Combs observed of Enterprise. "I just hope that with Shran I can bring some of that TOS energy and attack."

As for the antennae he wears as Shran, which are remote controlled by puppeteers, Combs said, "Think of a little boy with a remote-controlled car. He can make the car spin around and back up and stuff with a little radio controlled joystick." But he was quick to add that they did not want to make a joke of the antennae but have them work like real appendages, such as when they droop to allow Shran to walk under a beam."That's what you would do with your arm if you were walking around a chair you'd just kind of unconsciously move your arm out of the way. That's the way the Andorians are with their antenna."

For more, including Combs' gratitude towards fans, perceptions of being dwarfed by The Rock on Voyager and feelings about playing Juliet to Casey Biggs' Romeo, see the original interview at TrekWeb.

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