Sneak Preview Footage Of 'Borderland' Online

By Chris Wales
October 28, 2004 - 3:22 AM

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Actual footage from the Enterprise episode in which Brent Spiner will make his debut appearance is now online courtesy of

TV Guide gave the following summary of "Borderland": "When genetic supermen left over from the Eugenics Wars hijack a Klingon ship, Archer must rely on their creator, the criminal Dr. Arik Soong, to help hunt them down."

A transcript of the trailer follows:

[A Klingon control station makes sounds as a Klingon bridge officer examines it.]
Officer: "A transport shuttle. No armaments."
[We pan across the Klingon bridge. The captain rises from his chair and strides over to the station.]
Officer: "Their engines are down. Life support failing."
[The captain joins the officer.]

Captain: "Crew?"
Officer: "Two biosigns. Human."
Captain: "Tractor Beam."
[The captain moves back to his chair.]
Captain: "Send a squad to the docking port."
[The Klingon vessel flies past a much smaller vessel and captures it with a tractor beam.]

[A Klingon squad strides down one of their ship's corridor with two captured humans.]
Guard: "Move!"
[The guards turns around as the two humans fail to move. One guard approaches the men, who look grimly at each other.]
[One human turns to face the guard.]
Guard: "Walk , human!"
[The guard slams the disruptor rifle into the first man's chest. He barely flinches.]

[The guard looks puzzled as the first man feigns turning around, then kicks the guard in stomach, sending him flying back down the corridor.]
[A second guard raises his rifle; a human snatches it off him and slams it into his jaw.]
[A third guard tries to fire and misses; one of the humans grabs his rifle, kicks a fourth guard and jabs the rifle into the third's stomach, then leaps onto the fourth guard to toss him to floor.]
[A Klingon fires his weapon; one of the men throws him over his shoulder.]
[A human breaks another Klingon's arm; a final Klingn enters the fray.]
[The man cartwheels down corridor and slams into the last Klingon who collapses.]
[The second man removes a disruptor from a pile of dead/unconscious Klingon guards and hands it to the first man.]

[Scene changes to the bridge, where the captain addresses an officer.]
Captain: "Contact the High Council. Inform them of the prisoners, request instructions."
Officer: "Commander, disruptor fire near the brig."
[The bridge doors part to reveal the two humans.]
[The captain exclaims in Klingon.]
[The two humans fire their disruptors.]

"Borderland" will air this Friday at 8pm on UPN. The clip can be viewed in Windows Media format at Thanks to Zeus for this!

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