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Pegg On Fame And 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
September 28, 2008 - 5:16 PM

Increasing fame means it's not quite so easy for Simon Pegg to go out in public without being noticed by fans.

As reported by Canoe Jam! although fame came slowly to Pegg, he is now noticing its effects. "You feel it rise like temperature when you walk down the street in London," he said. "Heads turn and whisper and it gets more and more, it gets where it's difficult to go into a pub or something, and that's always a shame."

This public notice will only increase when Star Trek XI comes out next May. Working on Star Trek XI was "incredibly exciting," according to Pegg. "We all felt we were part of something rather special, dealing with hallowed characters and an amazing legacy and felt a responsibility to do it justice."

That meant making sure that the movie stayed true to Star Trek and didn't become a parody. "It's a serious entry into the pantheon," said Pegg. "I think there was some kind of thought going around that it might be a kind of parody or something, going back to the old characters the way we are. But I mean, 'Galaxy Quest' already did that really well. It doesn't need to be done again."

Pegg spoke of Roddenberry's decision to make the Enterprise's chief engineer Scottish. " was a stroke of genius on Roddenberry's part, because I know it came down to [Scotty] being English or Scottish. And to have the engineer be Scottish was such a neat trick, because so much contemporary engineering came out of Scotland, such a small country. The television, the radio, the telephone all came out of Scotland."

Chris Doohan, the son of James Doohan, will be "[playing] my assistant on the ship," said Pegg. Pegg spoke with Doohan about his father. "I wanted to do something [James Doohan] would approve of, to do something in his honor, but not to impersonate him in any way," said Pegg.

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