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By Michelle
September 28, 2006 - 8:58 PM

  • The Washington Post calls William Shatner (Kirk)'s Denny Crane and James Spader's Alan Shore "the best love story on television...the best example of postmodern, heterosexual man-love -- call it a male-la tionship -- currently available in the mass media."

  • Sci Fi Pulse has excerpts from a Starburst interview with Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (Spock).

  • Spaceballs, which took cracks at Star Trek, Star Wars and other sci-fi franchises, is coming to TV as a cartoon, reports Yahoo!

  • Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) guest stars on Everybody Hates Chris as Louise, the overly protective grandmother of a cute girl who's just moved into Chris' Brooklyn neighborhood, in the show which recently transferred from UPN to the CW, notes

  • A short interview with Alexander Siddig (Bashir) about The Nativity Story is posted at The Nativity Blog. Thanks to Sid City.

  • Leading the Charge reports that the first rocket launched from New Mexico's civilian spaceport failed to reach space. A flight from the spaceport scheduled for October 21st will carry the ashes of James Doohan (Scotty).

  • LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge) will speak in Albion at the Founder's Day celebration. Information is in the Battle Creek Enquirer.

  • An Arizona Republic review of the remastered original Star Trek says that "everything just looks better, including the planets, which now have cloud cover and no longer resemble big colorful blobs. The audio is clearer and the distinctive uniforms are vibrant again, and gone are the scratches, hairs and other junk that gummed up the negative."

  • talks to HDNet about Star Trek: Remastered and DVD prospects.

  • The San Luis Obispo Tribune noted that at DEMOfall 2006, Mvox Technologies showed off its Mvox Duo - a wearable communicator using Bluetooth technology - by having its vice president of marketing dress in a Star Trek uniform and call "Spock" to demonstrate the gadget.

  • StellarCross has posted an interview with author David R. George III.

  • In other book news, the Christopher Pike novel Burning Dreams by Margaret Wander Bonanno is reviewed at TrekWeb.

  • Simon Says has a preview of Pocket Books' Ships of the Line.

  • Active Anime reviews Star Trek: The Manga, praising the origin of the Borg storyline and the Japanese robots. "The actual representation of the characters is very good throughout each of the stories," noted the critic.

  • World Screen reports that CBS Corporation has formed a CBS Television Distribution Group which will oversee syndication of Paramount and CBS shows including the Star Trek series.

  • Nexus Trek Radio is now broadcasting music for Trekkies including songs from Shatner's albums and the Futuristic Sex Robotz on Live365 Internet Radio.

  • The latest information about Terra Nova 4 is at Shuttle Mawson.

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