'Enterprise' Third Season Arrives With a Bang

By Michelle
September 28, 2005 - 5:27 PM

The third season of Star Trek: Enterprise arrived today on DVD in Region 1. Featuring deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews with cast and crew and additional features, the set lists for $129.99.

  • At Home Theater Forum, Scott Kimball feels that there could have been more bonus features for the price but thinks that the series hit its stride in the third season. He warns that the commentaries contain spoilers for the final season and adds that he had never watched that season, as the last episode on this set, "Zero Hour", left him with such a sour taste. "Season three provided solid entertainment," he notes.

  • "A jump start that the show desperately needed to stay alive, but in the end it turned out to be too little, too late," writes Todd Douglass Jr. of DVD Talk. He gives all aspects of the DVD set three and a half stars out of five, stating that character episodes like 'Twilight' gave Enterprise a soul it had previously lacked.

  • Digitally Obsessed gives the set an average grade of B+, with particularly high marks for the image transfer but a lower grade for the content. Reviewer Nate Myers declares that he is not a Trekkie and finds both the time travel and Tucker/T'Pol romance uninspired. "It's difficult to ever truly believe that our beloved planet is truly in danger," he writes. "After all, how could there ever be a Captain Kirk if the Xindi succeed?"

  • At TrekWeb, BWilliams rates the set four stars out of five, saying, "The quality of Season 3 shined in several places" - not least of which is T'Pol's bum, restored to "Harbinger" for American viewers in all its glory. Williams notes, "When the final seven-episode mini arc of the season began with 'Azati Prime', things were kicked up one notch after another in rapid-fire succession, as the Enterprise tracked down the Xindi race responsible for creating the sphere that compromised Earth."

  • Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons rates the show three and a half stars out of five. "The transfer is fine, no grain, solid blacks and good colour representation. Unfortunately the show suffers from a problem it's always had - softness." He feels that Enterprise has always looked blurrier than the other Trek shows despite its polished effects. He is also unimpressed with the packaging, but thinks that season three was relatively strong for Enterprise, with few very weak episodes.

  • IGN's Peter Schorn also complains about the softness, rating the video only 6/10 while the show's content receives an 8. "Drama works best when it has a direction and purpose and isn't wandering around looking for something to do," he observes, saying that the show made great strides in quality during season three though ultimately it was for naught.

  • "Had the show started with this premise, it may have been more successful in the long run," notes a short review of the third season at the San Francisco Examiner by Peter Brown. "The season is definitely worthwhile owning for any fan or those who abandoned the show after season two."

Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Third Season may be ordered now from Amazon.com.

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