'Hidden Frontier' Has 'Vigil' With 'New Voyages' Star

By Michelle
September 28, 2005 - 4:45 PM

"Vigil", the new episode of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier featuring a guest appearance by James Cawley of Star Trek: New Voyages, is now available for download. Cawley, who portrays Captain Kirk regularly in the original series-era New Voyages, plays Captain Mackenzie Calhoun in the Next Generation-era Hidden Frontier.

"Vigil" follows Captain Shelby of the Excelsior on a joint mission with her onetime lover and commanding officer Calhoun from author Peter David's New Frontier novels. Shelby and Calhoun join a Romulan task force under fire from the Tholians and led by a commander with a secret agenda. This episode is the last before Hidden Frontier's season finale.

"The war with the Tholians is taking its toll," explains writer Carlos Pedraza. "Like any war, it's fought on many fronts, and there will be losses." This is Hidden Frontier's longest episode yet in terms of both script pages and production.

The appearance by Cawley represents the first crossover casting between the two fan-produced series. "Hidden Frontier and New Voyages prove there is still plenty of life left in the Star Trek franchise," said Cawley. "Fans long for stories that remain true to Gene Roddenberry's vision."

The Hidden Frontier web site has the episode available as a 320x180-pixel QuickTime movie as well as trailers, behind-the-scenes photos and bonus features.

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