Trinneer: T'Pol And Trip Should Go Public

By Chris Wales
September 28, 2004 - 8:31 PM

Enterprise's unlikeliest pairing ought to come clean about their clandestine relationship, according to Connor Trinneer (Charles 'Trip' Tucker).

"My suggestion would be to make it public, and see how the pair handle it between them and react to it in public," said Trinneer in an interview with UK publication Star Trek Magazine (via Trinneer's official site). "There's no way it's going to be kept under wraps so much," he added, in reference to the notion that secrets couldn't possibly be kept long on a ship so small.

Trinneer has had doubts about the relationship between his character and that of Jolene Blalock's (T'Pol) as reported previously. "I think sometimes [the writers] throw stuff out there that we're not entirely sure how it's going to all work [...] T'Pol and Trip do have a certain charm together, but I think you want to see how it's affecting them outside of where they are."

The actor also spoke of the explosion of fame he has experienced since starting on Enterprise. "The reaction of the audiences when I go out on stage always surprises me," he said. "I don't often have the opportunity to put myself in front of 3,000 people." His take on the matter? "Not many actors in Los Angeles get to say that they've been on a show even for four years," he noted, "so I feel blessed all the way around. I got lucky - I won the lottery."

For more of the interview including Trinneer's directorial aspirations, his admiration for Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) and how he handles rumours of cancellation, see the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine now available in the UK. Alternatively, more excerpts can be found at Trinneer's official site.

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