Blalock Cares About T'Pol, Not Her Looks

By Caillan
September 28, 2001 - 1:18 PM

Enterprise's Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) may have the tightest Trek costume since Seven of Nine's form-fitting catsuit, but the actress isn't worried about the inevitable comparisons.

"I'm here for the character rather than the va-va or the voom," Blalock told Ian Spelling at Inside Trek. "That's something I can't control, because it's completely physical. It's something that doesn't occupy my mind."

The actress doesn't give a thought to what people may think about T'Pol's figure. "I'm not worried about the character's appearance getting in the way of how she is perceived," Blalock said. "The character works completely, in terms of the way she's being written and the way she's meant to be portrayed."

Blalock said that she'd jump at the chance to talk to Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) about her Trek experiences. "I would love to do that - I have a million questions I'd like for her to fill me in on," she said.

However, the actress's energies are currently focussed on making the series a success. "We can only hope that Enterprise lasts as long as the other Star Trek shows - I need to pay my rent, just as anyone else does, that's No. 1," Blalock said. "No. 2, Enterprise is a project I really believe in, that I can really sink my teeth into and that's something I can be proud of."

The full interview, in which Blalock also talked about how she won the role of T'Pol, can be found here at Inside Trek.

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