First 'Nightingale' Info

By Christian
September 28, 2000 - 7:48 PM, the official Star Trek site from Paramount, has been updated with the first info on an episode which as far as I'm aware hasn't been mentioned before, called 'Nightingale'.

According to the guest character list posted on the site, 'Nightingale' will feature the return of the Borg children, along with a few other characters:

  • Icheb
  • Loken
  • Terek
  • Dayla
  • Geral
  • Brell
  • Anari Commander

'Nightingale' is based on a story by Robert Lederman and Dave Long, with a teleplay by Voyager's science advisor, Andre Bormanis. The episode is being directed by LeVar Burton, who starred on 'The Next Generation' as Geordi LaForge.

Plot info on the episode should be available at the official site soon.

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