Original Trek To Receive New CG Effects for HDTV and DVD

By Michelle
August 28, 2006 - 8:58 PM

The original Star Trek is being remastered for future high defintion television syndication as well as eventual release on HD-DVD with new high-definition CG effects.

The Digital Bits reported the story in its Rumor Mill column, which reported previously that CBS Video, which now owns the Star Trek DVDs, was planning to retransfer the original series from film to HD-DVD. All of the Star Trek feature films will be rereleased for HD release as well.

Bill Hunt noted that he learned from industry sources that CBS is redoing many of the original series special effects using new CG techniques. "Specifically, they're re-doing all of the spaceship shots," he wrote. "This to me is a very exciting idea...in principle. As anyone who saw the Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise will tell you, the old TOS ships look awfully damn good in new CG."

However, Hunt added, CBS is doing this CG work in-house and it is not yet known whether any of Star Trek's longtime effects wizards have worked on the new versions of the episodes. "I tried contacting CBS and their DVD distributor, Paramount, on this subject last week, but there was basically no comment," stated Hunt.

The original story is here.

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