Shatner: Lips Sealed On New Trek Ideas

By Michelle
August 28, 2003 - 2:03 PM

William Shatner wants to return to Star Trek as a producer, but isn't sure that Paramount is interested, he reiterated.

In an interview with The Calgary Sun (via Coming Soon!), the Captain Kirk actor says that he has been developing a concept for a new Star Trek series. Shatner had previously mentioned such an idea, but said he won't discuss the details until he has discussed terms with Paramount.

Also as previously reported, Shatner does not believe that Kirk will return to the franchise, nor that the current producers have captured the spirit of the original Star Trek series.

"For the last many years, I've been writing [Star Trek] books that were very successful," he told the Sun. "I had an idea that I thought would work if they gave it a shot...the problem is Paramount owns the rights to everything Star Trek, so even if it was a good idea, I still wouldn't own it. Why bother giving them a good idea when they're going to own it?"

"It's just a beginning," he added. "Or they may very well resurrect it on their own."

Shatner spoke as well about the difficult publicity surrounding the death of his wife Nerine and of his disappointment that TekWar has not taken off on Canadian television.

"Acting is fun," he stated, "But I also love the challenge of producing."

The complete article is available here.

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