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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Caillan
August 28, 2002 - 6:23 PM

  • The cover art and back cover text for the novelisation of 'Shockwave' have been posted here at Psi Phi's Star Trek Books Database. Written by Paul Ruditis, the book will be released in October 2002.

  • AP articles on Kate Mulgrew's (Kathryn Janeway) fundraiser for her husband, Ohio gubernatorial candidate Tim Hagan, can be found here at CNN and at Excite News. Several pages of photos from the event are available here at Totally Kate! Thanks to John Holt and Chris Kocher for this!

  • Articles dealing with Kate Mulgrew's one-woman play 'Tea At Five' are available at, the Boston Globe, and Thanks to Jim O'Neill and Don D'Amore for this!

  • 'Shekina,' Leonard Nimoy's (Spock) photographic essay on the feminine presence of God, has been released, according to his web site. Details of his tour to promote the book can be found here. Thanks to John Holt for this!

  • Gisele La Roche has posted her Enterprise first season review at Voyager's Delights and

  • Tim Lynch's Enterprise season one recap is now up at Psi Phi. Here's an extract from the article:

    More than most Trek series to date, Enterprise has a serious case of its second-tier characters outshining its alleged stars. I'm much more interested in Hoshi, Reed, and Phlox than I am in any of the big three: all three characters seem to be, not just sensibly dealt with, but possessed of a lot more depth than their higher-ranking counterparts. (That may not be a coincidence: if they're not having to take the starring role most of the time, the actors may instead devote some time to justifying their own character's actions to themselves, thus grounding the role a bit. On the other hand, I could be talking complete nonsense. It's happened before. :-)

    Read the full article at this page.

  • Ananova reports that the BBC will air a special Star Trek spoof this Christmas. Thanks to Chris Haskayne for this!

  • Britain's Five will show 'Star Trek: Insurrection' sometime in October, according to StarFleet.

  • Psi Phi has updated its Enterprise schedules for Singapore and the United Kingdom.

  • The German version of the 'Star Trek: Nemesis' trailer is available for download from

  • A roundup of Trek alumni stage appearances can be found at

  • Could a Trek-like device help treat diseases one day? Find out at IOL. Thanks to 'jimjustplainjim' for this!

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