Montgomery: I'm Stoked To Be Onboard!

By Lisa
August 28, 2001 - 9:21 AM

As pilot of the Enterprise, Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) will have a front seat - literally - in the newest Star Trek incarnation. And in a new article, he made no secret of how thrilled he was to be there.

"I'm excited," he told the Indianapolis Star, in a new article published yesterday. "I'm stoked about all of it."

For series co-creator Brannon Braga this excitement made Montgomery the perfect choice for the role of Mayweather. "He has a tremendous amount of youthful enthusiasm that perfectly embodies what this show is all about: a group of people who are wide-eyed and in awe of what they're seeing out there," Braga said.

"One of the things we liked about him when he read for us is, his awe seemed genuine. He's so excited to be on this spaceship on the Paramount lot. And it translates to his character as well. He's a very good actor, he's incredibly handsome and that's what you want in a role like this."

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) was just as impressed with his co-star. "He's just a kid in a candy store," he laughed. "He's had, for him, this great opportunity fall into his lap and he's not at all jaded in terms of what we expect in this town about success or fame. He's just living in the moment. He's loving it. And he's not afraid to say it, which is very refreshing."

More about Montgomery, including a profile of the actor and a look at Enterprise, can be found in the original article at the Indianapolis Star. Thanks to TrekWeb for this.

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