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By Michelle
July 28, 2004 - 8:37 PM

Hello World!

We took the kids this weekend to the newly renovated Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, which is twice as big now as it was when we had our older son's birthday party there two years ago. The new dinosaur exhibit in particular is wonderful - there aren't as many specimens as there are at the Smithsonian, for instance, but it's more interactive and the great windows at the rear overlook the harbor, so one can see ships and the World Trade Center just beyond the skeletons.

The museum has had an IMAX theater for several years, and the planetarium and space science exhibits haven't changed since the renovation, though there are more video screens in the room that links to NASA live feeds and more pieces to design and test drive a model Mars rover. The Chesapeake Bay exhibit has moved from the first floor to the third and is somewhat smaller, without the large tank of fish and turtles, but there is more information on crabs and the ecology of the region. There's also a display on forecasting the weather downstairs with environmental messages about the flora and fauna of the Bay region, not to mention a device that creates tornadoes.

Personally, my favorite thing about the museum is that one can look across from the life sciences wing on an upper floor, out the giant windows to the far side of the Inner Harbor, which last weekend was filled with crowds visiting the USS Constellation, the aquarium, Port Discovery, various other ships and places to eat after the Orioles lost to the Twins. My children, however, favor the room downstairs where one can set chain reactions in motion involving balls on complicated contraptions or test different pulleys by pulling oneself up in different chairs using them.

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