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Blalock Confirms Big Changes for T'Pol

By Michelle
July 28, 2004 - 7:23 PM

Jolene Blalock confirmed an earlier statement that her character, T'Pol, would get married in the third episode of Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season, though she was coy about the identity of the groom.

"Maybe it's somebody on the ship. We don't know. You've got to watch," Blalock told Sci Fi Wire, in response to an earlier report that her character would have a wedding this fall in an episode that would introduce her mother and the Vulcan man to whom T'Pol has been promised.

Asked about the fate of T'Pol's relationship with Tucker, with whom she became intimate last season while exploring her emotions, Blalock said, "I think it's absolutely ridiculous that some catfish-eating honky-tonk guy would be appealing to this serene character, personally, but, you know, maybe there's something in the difference." She objected to the way the relationship came about last season, describing it as "'Hey, buddy, let's go do it.' Like, what is that?" and saying she would welcome more exploration if it evolved.

As she admitted at the UPN press tour last week, Blalock confirmed as well that dealing with T'Pol's emotions was difficult for her as a performer. "I kept asking a lot of questions to the producers and the writers. 'What do you mean by this? How far do you want me to go? Where's this coming from?' I really had to justify it to myself as an actor."

Blalock was particularly surprised to find "a strong female" who had previously been logical and reliable "torn down to this emotional, wacky chick who needs to get laid." She said she hoped that new co-executive producer Manny Coto would continue to make improvements as he has done for the earliest episodes of season four.

The original article is at Sci Fi Wire.

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