Bat'leth Seized By British Police

By Michelle
May 27, 2006 - 11:54 PM

British police have confiscated a replica Klingon bat'leth during a raid on a home in Gloucester.

The Sun Online reported that "this five-foot martial arts sword capable of beheading a man was recovered by shocked cops" and put on display at the start of a national knife amnesty program, encouraging owners to turn in illegally owned blades.

"It is a particularly nasty weapon which could easily take someoneís head off," said inspector Mac McGarry of the ritual Klingon weapon, said to be identical those from the Star Trek films (in the photo it appears to have some differences from Worf's weapon of choice) and sharpened to make it possible to kill a combatant.

The police in Britain are hoping for tens of thousands of knives, swords and other weapons to cut down on crimes involving blades, though a campaigner from the group Victims of Crime labeled the knife amnesty program a futile publicity stunt and said he expected law-abiding citizens to be punished rather than criminals.

It was not reported why the bat'leth was taken, nor whether it was ever used in any sort of combat or criminal activity.

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