Sideshow Collectibles Busts Bust Out

By Michelle
May 28, 2003 - 9:20 PM

Sideshow Collectibles' polystone busts of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are now available for purchase by collectors, with several other characters due later this year.

As previously reported, Sideshow has obtained a license to produce collectibles from all five Star Trek television series and ten feature films by Paramount. They plan to market between one and five thousand of each of the 7-inch high polystone busts, the first of which are available from The Official Star Trek Fan Club site.

The series, originally scheduled to begin release in March, will eventually include Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Picard and Data as well. reviewed the two busts currently available. Sean Huxter said that the hand-cast busts "differ in their degree of likeness to the actual actors involved. The face of Spock is nearly perfect...Kirk's likeness, however, is not as strong."

"The paint on each figure is lifelike, in matte colors, flesh for the face with subtle pinks for detail, though with very little texture," he added.

Klingon Captain Koloth will be a web-exclusive offering, with only 1000 copies made, available later this summer.

More information can be found at The Official Star Trek Fan Club.

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