'Best Of Star Trek - Volume 2' Released

By Christian
May 28, 2000 - 11:57 PM

Soundtrack, an online magazine for fans of film and TV soundtracks, has posted a look at a CD many of you may not yet have heard of - 'The Best Of Star Trek - Volume 2', a sequel to the 30th Anniversary special that was released four years ago.

The new CD was apparently released on the 18th of April, but received surprising little publicity - it isn't mentioned on the GNP Crescendo site, and Amazon.com lists the title as being a 'Special Order', with shipping taking 4 to 6 weeks.

With the Soundtrack Mag preview, we now finally know what can actually be found on the CD:

  • Theme from the Original Series
  • Suite from 'The Corbomite Maneuver'
  • Suite from 'Balance of Terror'
  • Suite from 'What Are Little Girls Made Of?'
  • "In Chapel" from 'Balance of Terror'
  • Star Trek Theme Lounge Mix, whatever that may be.

  • Theme from Deep Space Nine
  • Suite from 'The Way Of The Warrior'
  • "Fever" from 'His Way', performed by Nana Visitor

  • Theme from Voyager
  • Suite from 'Bride of Chaotica'

  • Theme from The Next Generation
  • Suite from 'All Good Things'
Most of the suites are made up of various tracks, the full titles of which you can find in the actual preview at Soundtrack. This preview also contains a picture of the CD's cover, and several RealPlayer preview clips. In addition, you can now order the title from Amazon.

Thanks go out to Shaun Aki for this!

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