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By Michelle
April 28, 2005 - 10:16 PM

  • Scott Bakula (Archer) and his wife Chelsea Field will be appearing onstage in a performance of the musical I Do, I Do on Friday, May 20th at 8 p.m. in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall of the Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles to benefit Friends of Musical Theatre at the Hamilton Academy. For tickets call 310-943-7950.

  • The Hollywood Charity Horse Show, founded by William Shatner (Kirk), takes place this week at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, California. More information and tickets are available at Shatner's web site.

  • Fox has confirmed to Sid City that Alexander Siddig (Bashir) will be a guest at the London premiere of Kingdom of Heaven on Monday, May 2nd.

  • Totally Kate! has posted new photos of Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) with fans. The site also reports that Mulgrew will perform Tea at Five in San Francisco at the Marines Memorial Theatre beginning June 2nd; tickets are on sale now by phone at 415-771-6900. The play will also be at the Pasadena Playhouse from the end of August through October; fans who call 626-792-8672 x404 and mention Pat Arthur will receive a discount. More information about the schedule is here.

  • George Takei (Sulu) has posted on his web site about his work with Nielsen's "Local People Meter" and the development of TV demographics.

  • A study of empathic humans is being labeled the "Vulcan Approach" in honuor of Star Trek's Mr. Spock, reports MSNBC.

  • Psi Phi has posted the first day of the site's award winner announcements, in which Star Trek writers introduce the winners of the awards for best nonfiction book, series , cover, scene and miniseries. The site has also posted several new updates including cover artwork for Star Trek Titan #2: The Red King and and Star Trek Titan #3: Orion's Hounds.

  • TrekWeb has reviewed Seeds of Rage, the first book in Kevin Ryan's Errand of Fury series.

  • Several early reviews note that The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie which opens tomorrow contains a couple of Star Trek jokes.

  • Diamond Select Toys, in association with Art Asylum, will begin producing new Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures for release this fall.

  • Trek To The Troops is organizing an Armed Forces Entertainment Tour with Rod Roddenberry to bring Star Trek to fans who are serving in the US military.

  • The Los Angeles Times ran an article on internet pedophiles which contained the claim that "all but one of the offenders [investigated by the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit] arrested in the last four years was a hard-core Trekkie." Corante quotes a detective from the unit stating that "they were misquoted, or if that figure was given it was done so jokingly."

  • The Nashua Telegraph protests the fact that the Simmons School of Management's International Leadership Conference is promoting a book signing by Kirstie Alley (Saavik) more than an appearance by former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. The book signing is Saturday; information is available from Simmons.

  • The New York Times posted an editorial on the demise of Enterprise.

  • There is another report on the media conference call about "These Are the Voyages..." at

  • TV Barn covered the call as well, citing Rick Berman as blaming fatigue for the franchise's current state.

  • Soul of Star Trek has commentary on the first two of the last Enterprise episodes.

  • Cinescape has a subscribers-only report on a Star Trek: Enterprise finale screening.

  • has posted 325 screen shots from the Enterprise episode "In a Mirror Darkly, Part One."

  • Sci-Fi Heaven is giving away two copies of the first season of Enterprise on Region 2 DVD.

  • And a bulldog from Iowa named Tiberius after Captain James Tiberius Kirk was crowned "Most Beautiful Bulldog" on Monday, according to Yahoo! Thanks to pendragon.

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