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By Christian
April 28, 2000 - 10:02 PM

Voyager's Delights has reprinted an interview with Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), which was originally written by Melissa Perenson for the Star Trek Communicator. In the interview, Wang talks about the amount of work he has to do on Voyager, his character, and what he'd like to see happen for Kim next season:

"It's interesting We're done with the entire show, and there are still combinations that haven't been fleshed out." he muses. For example, "I would love to see more, Chakotay and Kim combinations." Robert Beltran is somebody Who I'm actually, probably, even closer to off camera than Robbie McNeill. And yet they really haven't' really explored the Chakotay/Kim relationship as they could have. Also Tuvok and Kim have been at odds for a little while. Kim sometimes gets very frustrated with Tuvok and his logical ways, and I like that adversity between 'the two characters. But they really haven't shown' much of that, recently."

The full interview can be found here.

Also new is a transcript of a radio interview with Kate Mulgrew, in which the actress who portrays Kathryn Janeway is asked about the show's gadgets, her Starfleet suit, speaking Klingon, and William Shatner sex scenes. Click here to read the interview. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for links to both articles.

Finally, Debora Fisher at StarTrek.com has written a farewell to Joe Menosky, the 'Voyager' staff writer who recently left the show to pursue research in Italy.

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