Nimoy On His Time As Spock

By T'Bonz
March 28, 2008 - 1:36 AM

Leonard Nimoy is at ease with the character with whom he is most associated and willing to take whatever the future offers, whether his character of Spock is part of that future or not. has put up the full interview with Leonard Nimoy. An extract of that interview was posted and previously reported on in this TrekToday article.

Nimoy believes that Spock's popularity was due to him being "a very intriguing character. My job is to make the character believable," he said. "Spock is an interesting character, unusual, very intelligent. I think people enjoy the intelligence of the character. He also has a sense of humor; he's extremely dependable, useful in a crisis, a problem solver, and a friend of the humans."

Being associated with the character of Spock is no longer a problem for Nimoy. "I don't even think about this anymore," said Nimoy. "I do what I do. People either accept what I do or they don't. Having been Spock helps me because I'm a public figure. It helps me to attract interest to what I'm doing. I can attract more interest to this work than somebody who is totally unknown."

Nimoy has come to terms about having been Spock and doesn't worry about what the future may hold. "I let it take me where it takes me," he said. "If it takes me away from Spock, thatís fine. If it doesn't, fine. I can't spend my time worrying whatís going to happen with public perception. That's a waste of time. I don't have any control over it. I don't have any influence over it. If I make an image I take responsibility for it. I canít take any responsibility for people think for me as Spock or a photographer. I'm not interested in that.

To read the full interview, head to the article located here.

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