TrekToday Suffering From Domain Name Problems

By Christian
March 28, 2002 - 3:38 PM

As many visitors to the site today and yesterday will have noticed, TrekToday has been suffering from some problems related to our domain name.

Last week, the Trek Nation and SlipstreamWeb moved to a new server, made possible partially by your generous donations (story). The server so far has been performing admirably, and even managed to survive the wave of discussions on the Trek BBS following the airing of 'Acquisition'.

When the server was transfered our web host made an error in changing the settings for the domain name, causing all of our email to still arrive at the old server. Yesterday, technical support attempted to solve this by completely resetting the domain name settings for Unfortunately, they mistyped one number in our internet address, meaning that for a few hours yesterday the domain no longer pointed to TrekToday, but rather to a commercial site selling discount credit cards and spy software.

Due to the way the internet works, a substantial number of internet providers picked up these new settings yesterday, meaning that a large portion of our visitors was redirected to the credit card discount site. Many people are still suffering from this problem, and likely will be until their ISPs update their domain name settings.

To those of you who were unable to reach TrekToday yesterday and today, or to those who did reach TrekToday but saw credit card and spy software ads at the bottom of the screen, I sincerely apologise. You can be assured that this was certainly not something we intended to let happen to the site, and we are just as annoyed as you are. Hopefully this problem will be solved for all visitors before the day is over.

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