Shatner & Shatner On Working Together

By Lisa
March 1, 2002 - 1:09 AM

William Shatner (James T. Kirk) recently took part in a live chat with his daughter Lisabeth, chatting about working together on

"My daughter Lis is a real inspiration," William Shatner told chatters at MSN. "To watch her grow from this red-headed, blue-eyed wonderful child who we had to keep out of the sun for her lack of melanin, to see her become a lawyer, sculptress, and writer. We had worked on things together, but I didn't realise it would be as satisfying as it is."

Shatner's new web site has already had an impact on the way the actor interacts with his fans. "When I was in Sacramento a few weeks ago, there were several hundred people that wanted me to sign something and I only had an hour before my plane left," he explained. "So I hurriedly tried to get through the line. This created a negative reaction from some of the people. So this brought the dilemma, do you try and get through as many as you can or do you greet everyone and not get through everyone in line? [...] So Lis wanted to turn that over to the fans and see what the fans thought I should be doing. So I will conduct myself the way the fans want me to act."

But what happens when father and daughter disagree about an element of the web site? "I win of course," laughed Lisabeth. "Our whole relationship is based on intimidation," added her father. "She intimidates me."

Of course, Lisabeth has been on the receiving end of that famous Captain Kirk intimidation herself, relating a story from some time ago. "Oh dear! This is the famous gate story! I drove back down the driveway, I insist to this date that the gate was malfunctioning, but according to the other members of the family, it wasn't the gate," she related. "I hit the gate and it tore off it's hinges and landed on the top of the car. From high atop the mountain, I saw the captain descending toward me and I thought my life was over so I prepared in a hari kari fashion that it was over quickly without pain. When he got there, he just looked at me, the gate, back at me and then went back up the hill without saying anything. He didn't talk to me for two weeks, which is extremely lenient treatment."

More from William and Lisabeth Shatner's live chat will soon be posted here at MSN. Alternatively, extracts are available by following this link to Scifi Pulse.

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