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An archive of Star Trek News

Belated Voyager Reviews

By Amy
February 28, 2001 - 5:32 PM

  • David E. Sluss, aka the Cynic, has posted his review of last week’s Voyager episode, the first half of ‘Workforce’. Rating it 7, he thought it was passable.

    QUESTIONABLE ORDER OF THE WEEK: No wonder Moe doesn't get much to do. He doesn't exactly exude authority here, leaving desperate-for-promotion Larry and the egotistical Doctor behind with "orders" to "work out" their conflict.
    QUESTIONABLE ORDER OF THE WEEK RUNNER-UP: While we only got the story of the mine collision and subsequent abandonment of Voyager from the Doctor, it does seem that Janeway's order to evacuate might have been a little premature. And, by the way, if the whole ship is so irradiated that it has to be vented, wouldn't the escape pods be irradiated too?
    COMMAND DECISION OF THE WEEK: But we did get to see some command competence this week, from an unexpected source. Despite the alarming megalomania, the ECH was pretty damned effective, and, unlike Janeway, he doesn't appear to be programmed with the "Wait until shields fall to 50% before firing"

    To read his full and not surprisingly cynical take on the episode, follow this link.

  • Also, TrekNation columnist Caillan Davenport has posted his review of the episode over at the J-Team, a religous cult dedicated to the worship of Captain Janeway. He thought it was "a delicious treat", "well paced, well acted, and with a witty script that sparkles."

  • Meanwhile, Fandom Star Trek Central’s Antony F has posted his somewhat belated review of ‘Lineage’. He gave it a 7.5/10, saying it was "let down by prior development, but a good outing with some wonderful acting."

  •'s Julia Houston, recently laid out with a month-long bout 'flu and bronchitis, is forgoing her usual weekly article this week in favour of catching up on her reviews. She also took a belated look at 'Lineage' and, like Antony, found it to be a worthwhile hour of television, commenting that "this one's an excellent episode, a really good adventure for Paris and Torres as well as an excellent observation on some of the dangers of a new science in our own world."

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