'Friendship One' Info

By Amy
February 28, 2001 - 3:55 PM

After last week posting basic production and plot information for the final three normal Voyager episodes, the official site has expanded its listing for another upcoming Voyager episode - 'Friendship One'. As we already know, the episode deals with Voyager’s mission to retrieve a probe sent out from Earth in the 21st century. Also of note is that the episode will see the return of Josh Clark as Lt. Carey, a reccurring role on the show that has become rather less reccurring over time. The new synopsis and character list can be found below, and the original reports by clicking on the links.

'Friendship One'

Production Number: 267
Original Airdate: Unknown
Stardate: 54775.4
Summary: Now that regular communication between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants is possible, Starfleet has a mission for the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager — locate and retrieve the old Earth probe "Friendship One." Launched in the late 21st century, the probe's trajectory places it somewhere near Voyager's current position, but no one predicted what a Delta Quadrant civilization would do with the probe when they found it...


Lt. Carey
Admiral Hendricks

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