It's Not Easy Being Green

By T'Bonz
January 28, 2008 - 6:30 AM

Lawrence Montaigne discovered that sometimes it's not easy to be green when he came into conflict with Gene Roddenberry after accepting a Star Trek role.

As reported at, Lawrence Montaigne shared his memories of working on Star Trek. He played the Romulan Decius on Balance of Terror and the Vulcan Stonn in Amok Time.

Montaigne originally read for the part of the Romulan commander in Balance of Terror but was offered the role of Decius instead. "What's a Decius?" he asked his agent when called with the news that he had won the part. Montaigne soon found out and donned the ear-hiding helmet to play the overly-loyal Romulan crewmember.

His next Star Trek role was that of Stonn, the man for whom Spock was jilted by T'Pring in Amok Time. Montaigne was told that Vulcans were not supposed to have chest hair. "They told me to shave my chest, that Vulcans didn't have chest hair," he explained. "Well, this Vulcan has chest hair. So they called Roddenberry. Gene was a big man, a former cop. He talked down to you, like he was about to give you a citation. But I still refused, so they called my agent. They worked it out, but by then everyone hates me and Gene won't talk to me."

Montaigne recently revisited the Star Trek world, appearing in the fan film production of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men as Stonn, who is the husband of Nyota Uhura.

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