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By T'Bonz
January 28, 2008 - 5:54 AM

  • Variety is reporting that Marlene Forte has been cast in the role of "Chief Transporter" for Star Trek XI.

  • As reported by SyFy Portal, Greg Grunberg, speaking at the FX show in Orlando recently, told the audience that "You will see some of the actors that J.J. likes to work with in the movie. I'm not talking about me in particular, but you will see some great cameos. You'll never know who the people are, but they are all fans of the [Star Trek] shows, fans of the movies, and called up J.J. asking to be in the movie. They were monster celebrities from all over, and he's put them all in disguises and put them into his movie."

  • In a video located at TED, J.J. Abrams discusses his love of mystery, which traces back to his childhood and to his grandfather.

  • In a petition located at Trekkies Against Torture, J.J. Abrams is asked to respect the vision of Gene Roddenberry and not use scenes of torture as has been done in some of his other projects.

  • Nichelle Nichols was interviewed recently as reported by Sci Fi Pulse where she discussed Star Trek XI and her role in Heroes.

  • The teaser for Star Trek XI has joined the teaser for Cloverfield at Paramount's website as one of the two featured movies on the main website. This is in spite of the fact that while Cloverfield was recently released, Star Trek XI will not appear until December. Thanks to Daniel Liebman for the tip.

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