New Star Trek Spoof Offers Classic Hot Dogs

By Michelle
January 28, 2006 - 4:44 PM

A new Star Trek spoof, Grease Trek, is now available on DVD.

Jason D. McKean and Scott McKean, brothers who have worked in film and television, have a web site with details about the film, including an interview in which they discuss its genesis.

"I was kidding around with Jason about the concept of placing the original crew from Star Trek in the setting of a fast food restaurant and he got really serious about it," explained Scott. "I love the original. Its in the American/Global lexicon and stimulates thought on how our future may the best possible way."

Set at the UFF Frank & Frys, the film reimagines the original series crew as fast food cooks, cashiers and delivery people, enduring such crises as spilled milkshakes. They use futuristic programming panels and Mgr. James P. Cook gets to kiss at least one hot babe.

Many of the performers have backgrounds in stand-up comedy. Scott McKean has worked for DreamWorks and NBC. "It took 2 years to composite it and then create original sound effects and music," Jason McKean explained, saying that they wanted to "take this heroic crew that were so familiar with, and transpose it on this lowlier occupation, but not take the heroism out of it."

The 45-minute DVD may be ordered here. A preview trailer is available here.

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