Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
January 28, 2003 - 10:08 AM

  • 'Elite Force II' character artist Brian Jones recently spoke to Ritualistic about creating the look of the game:

    In most cases I'm given a day or two to model a complete character, half a day to unwrap it, and about 3-4 days to texture it (this is spread over the course of the project). We make use of swappable heads within our engine so most characters consist of a new head on a base body. I usually spend a day modeling, unwrapping, and skinning a head model. We work in a phase system so we often revisit characters throughout the development process.

    The full interview can be found at this page.

  • Three new 'Elite Force II' screenshots are available at

  • The upcoming 'Shattered Universe' Playstation 2 game will also be available for Microsoft X-Box, according to Strategy Planet's 'Shattered Universe' site.

  • Carpe Mkarzi has reviewed 'Starfleet Command III' at Gamer's Pulse, calling the game "boring." Here's an excerpt from the analysis:

    In space flight Sims the worst enemy is the 'Game in a Bubble' feel of the combat. With no landscape etc to move most Space based flight Sims feel like you are stationary and simply rotating in space. SFCIII goes one step beyond that and all combats turn into turning wars; no strategy, just trying to turn faster to get a shot at a weakened or missing shield. This just gets so damn boring and if you start taking damage it is the only way to protect yourself. The combat becomes defensive and that does not make for an exciting game in any way shape or form.

    The game was awarded a score of 37 out of 50 in the full review.

  • Recent updates at include rules for the second edition of the Star Trek CCG and an article about battle options.

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