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By Christian
January 28, 2001 - 9:19 PM

Hello World!

As you may have noticed from the slightly different lay-out of the TrekToday front page, the site is now finally running on the new version of the news script - yes, that new version I've been promising would be installed almost since we installed the old version.

As you probably also noticed, converting the old news database to the new version took quite a bit more time than we expected, which is why there were no news updates at all over the weekend. Fortunately with this new system just adding news to the site should go faster than it used to, so hopefully we'll be able to catch up again today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, what are exactly the extra features of the new system that you can benefit from? Here's a summary:

  • The Trek Nation and TrekToday are now fully integrated. What this means is that when new articles, interviews or columns are placed on the Trek Nation, you'll be able to immediately click through to them via TrekToday. In addition, from the articles you'll also immediately be able to go back to TrekToday.
  • We can now easily add big features spanning multiple articles, like we also used to in the past with Jeff Koga's Electronic Entertainment Expo report or the Ron & Brannon feature. In fact, one such feature will be going up in less than a month, organised by Caillan Davenport and including contributions by several well-known fan writers.
  • Thanks to the new system, it's now also easier to add new column series to the site. Besides Fred Shedian's popular 'A Take On Trek' column, the site now also features 'A Briefing With Caillan', by the aforementioned Caillan Davenport, and hopefully we'll be able to offer more columns in the future.
  • The main page of the Trek Nation is now organised a bit more logically, quickly showing new visitors where they can go to.
  • The TrekToday main page has also been changed, now quickly showing you the latest Trek BBS topics.
  • Trivial perhaps, but the TrekToday archives now tell you how many news items there were in each month.
  • And finally, with the new script I managed to accidentally throw away the interface we had for adding TrekToday's Site Columns, replacing it with the SlipstreamWeb interface, and thereby throwing away half the Site Column options. Sigh. That will be fixed first thing in the morning

Hopefully you'll appreciate these enhancements to the site. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs on the sites, and we'll fix them as quickly as possible.

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