Graham Praises Bakula In New Book On Acting

By Christian
December 27, 2005 - 10:25 AM

Frequent Star Trek: Enterprise guest star Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval) heaped praise on Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) in a new book on acting that was published earlier this year.

"Working with Scott is to remember what first drew me to acting. Playing," Graham wrote in the book, Acting & Other Flying Lessons, via Trek BBS user startraveller776. "Scott truly plays when he works and that spirit infects both cast and crew. Laughter is no stranger on a Star Trek: Enterprise set. With a lively and engaging wit, Scott regales anyone within earshot with a steady string of one-liners, self-deprecating remarks, and hilarious anecdotes. His co-star, the lovely and diminuitive Jolene Blalock [T'Pol], is often in stitches from his pranks and humorous asides."

"Acting & Other Flying Lessons" was published in December 2005 by BookSurge Publishing. According to the sales blurb, the book contains "everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a working actor in film...but were afraid everybody would think you're a doofus if you asked." Besides Graham's experiences as an actor, it contains his thoughts on his co-stars from such series as Enterprise and JAG, but also the science-fiction project Alien Nation.

Graham praised Bakula's wit, but also made sure to highlight his professional spirit. "Not that he's not serious when the camera rolls. When it's time to get down to work, Scott is one of the hardest working actors in the business. As star of the show, he is in nearly every shot. That alone takes its toll on one's stamina and concentration, but Scott is always prepared, gracious, and positive on the set."

For more of Graham's thoughts on Bakula, head over to the Trek BBS, or simply buy the actual book. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for the lead!

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