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By Caillan
December 27, 2002 - 3:23 AM

  • In an interview with HomeLan Fed, former TNG composer Ron Jones discussed scoring computer games. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

    Games are getting better everyday, while TV is getting more like Jerry Springer. There are very few projects that really use scoring on television, and the ones that do use it like wallpaper to fill in the sonic gaps. So I have been doing a lot of research into what is going on in the world of games and scoring and learning who is doing what.

    Read the full article at this page.

  • Paul T. Semones has reviewed 'This Grey Spirit' at the Library of the Prophets. "In the end, many of the plot lines don't get very far, and in the Gamma Quadrant it seems that the story just ends up back where it started," he wrote. "But in the process of going through the motions of the story, Dax, Shar and Kira each enjoy significant character growth. The last pages of the final chapter and of the epilogue respectively bring out this truth with crushing and uplifting eloquence, revealing a depth of dramatic possibility in the Deep Space Nine universe that, quite simply, none of the other Star Trek series can hope to approach." The book was given a B plus grade in the full review.

  • Rick Norwood looks at Enterprise's second season so far in his latest Babylon 5.1 column at the SF Site. "Only one really good show, 'A Night in Sickbay.' And I've heard fans complain about that show -- not enough sex and violence. Listen, attend, and hear, oh best beloved. If you are looking for sex and violence, you have no business watching television. Doom and Quake will give you more violence than a year of television." Read more from Norwood here.

  • 35 behind-the-scenes shots from 'Star Trek Nemesis' are up at

  • Ron Moore briefly talked about his vision for Battlestar Galactica and his other projects at Sci-Fi Pulse.

  • Deep Space Nine's 'Tacking Into The Wind' is the latest episode to be featured at Trek5 as one of Star Trek's finest hours.

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