Echevarria Pilot Greenlighted By FOX

By Kristine
November 27, 2003 - 5:59 PM

FOX has placed an early order for a pilot for a new series from former Next Generation and Deep Space Nine writer Rene Echevarria.

Zap2It reported that the series, a police drama called Ricochet will offer a new twist to the popular genre: cases will be presented backwards, beginning with the solving of the case and working backwards. Like the critically-acclaimed 24 and the equally acclaimed but now cancelled Boomtown, Ricochet represents a new trend of dramas attempting to break out of the conventional mold for their genre.

FOX is getting an early start on ordering the pilot. Typically, pilots are ordered during January. Stephen McPherson, president of Touchstone TV, which will be producing the show, commented on FOX's aquisition of the show: "FOX was very aggressive about telling us that they wanted to get scripts early because they wanted to pick some things up early."

Echevarria will serve as co-executive producer on the show, along with Jeff Kline (That Was Then). Echevarria, a frequent contributor to both TNG and DS9, wrote episodes such as "The Perfect Mate" and "The Mind's Eye" for the former, and "Rejoined" and "Trials and Tribulations" for the latter.

More information on this story can be found at Zap2It.

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