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By Amy
November 27, 2000 - 5:06 PM

  • Well, it seems that the Thanksgiving lull is finally over, with a number of new reviews posted today. First off the mark is Jamahl Epsicokhan of Star Trek: Hypertext with his review of 'Body and Soul', Voyager's episode from two weeks ago. He thought it was enjoyable, if not exactly though-provoking.

    In the tradition of shows like "Infinite Regress," the story is this year's edition of Jeri Ryan Uninhibited. Ryan is an actor afforded few opportunities on Voyager to go bananas, but when she gets one, look out.

    The basic premise is something so goofy and yet somehow so plausible that it makes perfect sense: Doc's program gets transferred into Seven's mind, and Doc takes over her body. The net result, essentially, is that Jeri Ryan plays the part of the Doctor. She gets Robert Picardo's role, and runs with it.

    Something like this can be very good or very bad. Executed badly, it can be an embarrassment. Played correctly, it can be a lot of fun. "Body and Soul" is largely an example of the latter. Seven of Nine is so self-inhibited that you wonder if Ryan would get tired of the character's limitations. Perhaps an opportunity like this might seem like a vacation at work.

    To read Jammer's full review, follow the link.

  • Next up is the irrepressible David E. Sluss (aka the Cynic) who has offered us his typically, well, cynical take on 'Nightingale'.

    CONTRIVANCES OF THE WEEK: It's a tough break being a Kraylor officer; unlike being in Starfleet, where the officers are the only ones to survive missions, the Kraylor officers all die. And on the Kraylor vessel, everyone apparently either dies or is totally uninjured, since otherwise the cover story of that Barney Miller guy and his companions being doctors would have been blown almost immediately as they would have been expected to treat any casualties. The biggest contrivance of all is the idea that the Kraylor were doing research off-planet rather than on their heavily shielded homeworld, a plan that necessitated flying the prototype through enemy territory. It doesn't seem like security was the reason for this move, since the Annari found out about it. It also doesn't seem as if limited resources on the Kraylor homeworld was a factor, considering that they managed to duplicate and install cloaking devices on their fleet about five minutes after the prototype arrived. There really doesn't seem to be a very good reason (for this, or for the fact that the Kraylor vessel is detected and fired upon by the Annari while under cloak in the episode's teaser), other than to provide the mechanism by which Larry assumes command of the vessel.

    Again, to read the full review, click here.

  • Third up to bat and the second 'Nightingale' review of the week comes to us somewhat indirectly from Cinescape's Michael Marek, oddly enough posted over at the Great Link.

    "The episode shows us how Harry comes to grips with his first independent command - making decisions, building confidence of his other crew members, and facing failure. Harry makes several common mistakes of first time commanders. For example, when his subordinates have trouble with a task, he does the work for them, rather than allowing them to learn by doing. Several of Harry's command problems affect Tenek, a young member of the science team who is most enthusiastic about serving under Harry's command."

    "It is interesting that Seven of Nine, also on the mission with Harry, serves as the sounding board against which Harry's command skills are measured. She repeatedly points out to him that he is missing the boat in his dealings with the others on the ship. Seven, of course, has generally been the least interested in social graces of any of the crewmembers, and the most likely to bull her way ahead without regard to others."

    Click here to read the article is currently residing at the Great Link (though no doubt it will shortly appear over at Cinesape).

  • Finally, a brief look at all the season 7 episodes up to and including 'Body and Soul' has been posted at Star Trek News.

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